Works during a residency in Barcelona:
During a personally difficult residency in Barcelona I used a bicycle for exploring the city as well as a means of mapping this one month stay. The carefully traced tours and detours form the basic grid for a cartography of thoughts, observations, reading and research. ‘There´s nothing about the Situationists´ aimless strolls in my tours. Its more about a K2 expedition: a weakness reliability test, to the borders of the self. The B2 expedition.‘
Plan C
In the middle of the 19th century, Barcelona‘s urban expansion was planned by the engineer ldefons Cerdà. The strict street grid of his Eixample district serves as the template for inscribing my research and reflections on his visionary, but ultimately failed master plan. ‘Plan Cerdà is the vision of a new social order: an attempt to solve the challenges of the current social, political,
technical and economic transformations by developing an urban structure. The street grid serves as a means of land partitioning as well as it draws a model of an egalitarian society.‘
Pencil drawings, each 70x100cm, 2016