Stuttgart´s gallows hill

Organizers of the event series 2013/14:
Stephan Köperl / Harry Walter / Sylvia Winkler
Documentation-map 2017:
Texts: Harry Walter / Drawings and layout: Sylvia Winkler

The place where Joseph Süss Oppenheimer, financial advisor to Duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg, was executed in 1738 as a victim of a judicial murder, the Stuttgart gallows hill, is occupied by four skyscrapers nowadays. At the center of this hill - almost exactly where the so-called alchemist‘s gallows stood until 1788  - a pavilion-like building housing a laundry room is located since the mid-1950s.
In order to recall this completely forgotten place and its surroundings into the memory of the city, we organize a series of events.
A folding map with the documentation of the artistic actions, as well as a district plan and the description of its historical and current peculiarities completes the series.

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